1. Find India and explain to the class where this country is exactly.

2. Name the neighbouring countries and the continent on which India is located.

Click on INFO PLEASE and WIKIPEDIA for help.


3. MATCH the beginning of the sentences in column 1 with the corresponding endings in column 2.

....Type the appropriate numbers in the blanks.

a. India is situated in 1...a diamond.
b. India is surrounded by 2...off the southern coast of India.
c. China, Nepal and Bhutan are in 3...the limits of Kashmir.
d. Myanmar ("Birminie" in French) is on 4...South Asia.

e.  Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar are

5...the capital of India.
f. Sri Lanka is an island 6...six countries.
g. India, Pakistan and China do not agree on 7...around India.
h. New Delhi is 8...the east of India.
i. India is shaped like 9...the north of India.

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