.A. ..a. Click on CBBCNEWS KASHMIR and read the paragraph. Make some notes.

...... b. Then, read the part entitled "Why is Kashmir important?"

.......c. Note down four questions about the conflict.

.. ....d. Ask your classmates the questions you have just prepared.


B. Click on CBBCNEWS KASHMIR and look at the map.

a. What is the official name of the demarcation line between India and Pakistan?

b. What country borders Kashmir to the north?

c. Where is Indian-administered Kashmir?

d. Where is Pakistan-administered Kashmir?

Look at this other map KASHMIR MAP to get more details.


C. Read the part entitled “Who lives in Kashmir?” .

................State whether the following statements are "True" or "False".


1. Kasmir is both administred by Pakistan and India.

True      False

2. Kashmir is inhabited mainly by Hindus.

True      False

3. There are many armed militants in Kashmir.

True      False

Read the parts entitled “Is there a danger of war?” and "Do India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons?"

4. Tensions still exist today between Kashmiri rebels and Indian government troops.

True      False

5. Many countries have called for peace between the two countries.

True      False

6. India and Pakistan have been developping nuclear weapons.

True      False

Score :

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