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The Indian part of Kashmir is named “Jammu and Kashmir” and consists of the Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and the Ladakh. Its capital is Srinagar.

The Pakistani part of Kashmir is named “Azad Kashmir”. Its capital is Muzaffarabad.

The Himalayas stretch across five nations — Pakistan, India, China, Bhutan and Nepal. Kashmir is perched in the Himilayas.

North of the LOC, the rival forces have been entrenched on the Siachen glacier (more than 6,000 metres high) since 1984 - the highest battlefield on earth.

Even the United Nations has maintained a presence in the disputed area since 1949.

China also controls a small part of Kashmir.

Thousands of families who live on both sides of the LoC haven't seen each other after the Partition of India since the roads were shut 60 years ago. BUT THERE IS A WIND OF HOPE ...

They can look at the villages on the other side, wave to the people there but they cannot cross over.

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