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1. Information technology is commonly abbreviated to
2. IT has been helping drive the world economy
for months now.
for years now.
3. It has been led by
just the industry giants of the West.
the industry giants of the West and India.
4. India is now a major player in
some IT sectors.
most IT sectors.
5. Customers may be assisted by
someone in Pakistan.
someone in India.
6. Most customers think that they are calling
across town.
in India.
7. On the phone, Neelu Bhandari pretends to be called
8. Sarah works near New Delhi in Gurgaon, which is
a remote and small village.
a hub of information technology firms.
9. Sarah works for an Indian company named


10. Daksh works for some of the most important corporations in
the United States.
11. Daksh offers
multiple services.
one kind of services only.
12. Thanks to IT, companies can have
"virtual" employers.
"virtual" workers.
13. Mr. Aggarwall says that IT has enabled globalization
at its best.
at its worst.
14. NASSCOM refers to
India's National Action for Software and Service Companies.
India's National Association of Software and Service Companies.
15. The Indian industry is making
a more sophisticated production of software packets and micro-chip design.
some good production of software packets and micro-ship design.
16. Most of the Indian production is
17. IT industry has helped change India's image
in Pakistan.
18. Now, India is known as a
quality exporter of goods and services.
quality importer of goods and services.
19. At Daksh Service, most employees are
55 on average.
25 on average.
20. At Daksh Service, most employees
dislike working there.
enjoy working there.
21. The information technology is beneficial to
few international, jet-setting nerds.
many people like students, workers and others.
22. Out of one billion people, many are very poor and IT has affected
minor segments of the society.
large segments of the society.
23. And yet, IT is leading the path to
a pessimistic future.
an optimistic future.

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