How much of the recording did you understand?

Five of the ten following statements are right. Find them.

1. Indian beggars may be children, young women or even old people.

2. Some people even buy babies to beg and look more pitiful.

3. Even if people live in slums in Bombay, they have better lives than if they lived in villages.

4. More than half of the people in Bombay live in slums or on the street.

5. And yet, the economic boom has decreased the purchasing power of many Indians .

6. In India, tourists are besieged by people asking for money or selling things on the streets.

7. The problem of housing is linked to the population explosion because more than 26 million Indian people are born every year.

8. The decaying facades of dwellings are always a sign of urban poverty.

9. The Indian textile economy is still flourishing.

10. Poverty is linked to disease and a high rate of mortality.

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