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A. Match the word with its appropriate definition:

1. bovine a. Something or someone related to a religion or a god.
2. a sin (un péché) b. Someone who legally owns something.
3. holy c. Solid excrement from animals.
4. cow dung (bouse de vache) d. Two times.  
5. filthy (sale, répugnant) e. Connected with cows.
6. to get rid of something (se débarrasser de) f. Any object, place or thing that is aimed at.
7. an owner g. Extremely dirty.
8. to fend for oneself (se débrouiller) h. The offence of breaking a religious or moral law.
9. twice i. To remove or throw away something unwanted.
10. a target (une cible) j. To take care of yourself without help.














B. Match the word with its French translation.

1. Scores.

a. Accomplir, réaliser.

2. A dairy: a farm that produces milk and products made from milk.

b. Héberger, contenir.

3. To achieve: to succeed in finishing something or reaching an aim.

c. Attraper.

4. To nab: to catch.

d. Crémerie ou laiterie. 

5. A shelter: a building or place to find protection.

e. Se demander.

6. To accommodate: to provide with a place to live or to be stored in.

f. Atteindre.

7. To slaughter: cruel killing or killing for food.

g. Abris ou refuge.

8. To wonder: to ask oneself.

h. Héberger.

9. To hit: to reach.

i. Massacre ou abattage.

10. To house: to give place to live.

j. Une foule de.



C. Don't twist your tongue with these "TONGUE-TWISTERS"!

1. Cool comic cows! cool comic cows! cool comic cows!

2. Cor! A cowpat in a cowshed!

3. Cor! Cows can't coo!

4. Coo !  Could a cow enter a coop ?

5. Can coloured cows be coal-black?

6. Cows are not cod, cock or cockatoo.

7. Cows can't say cock-and-bull stories. (To tell a cock and bull story) ...............................................


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