How much of the recording did you understand?

A. Are these statements "True" or "False"?

1. In the Indian capital, authorities are breeding stray cattle.
True      False
2. Stray cattle have lived in Delhi for many years.
True     False
3. Most residents of the city have welcomed the idea of taking the cows away.
True   False
4. The cow is like a pet and it is not a sacred animal for India's majority Hindu population.
True      False
5. And yet, most of the people in Delhi think the cows are a nuisance.
True    False
6. About 16,000 stray cattle live on the streets in Delhi.
True      False
7. The cows feed at garbage dumps and avoid staying on the roads.
True      False
8. Motorists have to avoid the cows on the roads.
True     False
9. H.D. Shourie is the head of a consumer activist organization called "Come on Cows".
True      False
10. H.D. Shourie presented a Delhi court with a petition stating that the cows are a traffic menace, and should be removed.
True     False
11. Cows hamper traffic but they are not dangerous for the traffic.
True      False
12. Delhi 's civic authorities have admitted that the cows represent a real danger but refuse to take them out of the town.
True      False
13. Rounding up the bovines is not an easy task.
True    False
14. The cows that have been caught are taken to an animal shelter on the outskirts of Delhi.
True    False
15. Catching the animals is easy and funny.
True      False
16. In Delhi, most of the cows are stray, old animals that have been abandoned because they could no longer be milked.
True    False
17. Other cows are not abandoned but let on their own.
True     False
18. In "Special raids" that happen twice a week, about 500 cows are captured.
True      False
19. The aim is to get 36,000 cows in the end.
True     False
20. There are many shelters around Delhi and plenty of space.
True      False

Score :


B. Link the event to its proper time marker.

1. Stray cattle have made Delhi's streets their home

a. on a hot morning.

2. H.D. Shourie presented a Delhi court with a petition stating that the cows are a traffic menace, and should be removed

b. now.

3. Cows and stray cattle can be very dangerous

c. in recent years.

4. 12 trucks around the city began rounding up the bovines

d. several months ago.

5. Eight men struggled to lasso a cow

e. last month.

6. Illegal dairies have sprung up in the capital

f. for many years.

7. Mr. Yadav's task is to round up all these animals

g. last month.

8. Mr. Yadav organizes what are called "special raids"

h. within a year.

9. We rounded up 1,800 stray cattle.

i. twice a week.















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