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"a dowry * livelihood * wildlife * serious * an ascetic * the head * to hail from * the sole * to display * to juggle * a skill * a note * the denomination * to hiss * barely * to afford * candid * implementation * the elders * to rue * tune".


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1. Briefly describe them.

2. Read the article on BBC NEWS and complete the summary with the words below:

" activity *banned * money * dowry * abandoned * government * beg * Wildlife * community * helping * entertain * reinforced * income * Cobra * chief * jobs * generations".

As the Indian Protection Act of 1972 snake charming,

many snake charmers had to stop their and therefore the traditional

that consisted in offering a couple of snakes had to be .

Unfortunately, that dowry ensured some people with earning a living. Then, most

snake charmers had to find new and change profession. Some of them

have turned into labourers, others have been forced to on the streets as

they could not do anything apart from snake charming.

Karsan Nath is the snake-charmer of the Nath which came

from Rajasthan but which has been in Gujarat for nine . Karsan Nath

says that the Nath's vocation was to catch snakes and people by

charming them.

However, over the last ten years, the government has the law banning

snake charming. Consequently the Nath community has no longer any real financial

and struggle to survive.

Despite the law, Mr Nath still owns a black King but he admits that

he can hardly feed it for lack of ! Then he ads that the “fight” with the

is not over and that he is pushing the government into

his community.

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