We hope that by participating in the Buckingham vs. Buckingham trial you were able to sharpen your understanding of the suffragette movement and the judicial system.  Whether you were on Lady Buckingham's side or defending Lord Buckingham, this mock-trial enabled you to witness with your own eyes the way we judge people (within the judicial system). You were also asked to thoroughly understand the circumstances of the situation. That helped you realize how crucial a maximum of evidence is in forming an argument and properly debating.

However, you have one final task.  Before we exit this courtroom, let's use what we have learned in the Buckingham vs. Buckingham case to better understand some modern cases.  Choose an important case that is currently taking place in our society.  Think about its significance in the time-line of human progress. For example, think back to Lady Buckingham who fought for women's right to vote, and how the outcome of her trial might have changed history.  Also, think about what facts would be necessary, in the case you have chosen, to prove whether the person is innocent or guilty.

Now that you've analyzed the Buckinghams's case and a current case, decide whether or not you agree with the way our justice system functions.  What changes might you make to improve the system?  Do you think that criminals are properly punished?  Why or why not? What is at stake if a person is incorrectly judged? Ask your history teacher for some twentieth Century examples.  How can we avoid such a catastrophe?  As human beings, are we capable of being fair?

Well, you have now completed your duty in court and have asked yourself the proper questions to keep the judicial system in check (humane).  Once again, the Internet was an amazing resource for the accomplishment of your mission.  Rest-up for your next assignment.....    

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