Now that you've chosen to be either a gangster or a law-enforcement agent, choose the specific character from the list below that you would like to embody, to personally experience, and to tell the story of through writing the “diary-scrapbook” from this person's perspective.

Your "diary-scrapbook" will represent ONE WEEK in the life of your character.

Don't forget that you "co-write" this diary with your partner ... using "I" (the first person).

USE THE INTERNET LINKS FROM STEP 3 and STEP 1. Here is a general TIMELINE (read from left to right on this page)

Al Capone - entering Alcatraz, beginning his diary secretly in August 1934
Eliot Ness - beginning his diary October 18,1931
Al Capone's wife Mae Capone - beginning February 15, 1929
Eliot Ness's first wife Edna - beginning March 16, 1930
Al Capone's mother Teresina/Teresa - beginning a new diary 10 days before dying
Eliot Ness's colleague Lyle Chapman - beginning March 16, 1930
Al Capone's bodyguard - Philip D'Andrea - beginning October 17, 1931
Elliot Ness's best friend - beginning his diary February 15, 1929
Al Capone's son - Albert Sunny after his father's death in 1947
Eliot Ness's adopted son after his father's death in 1957
Al Capone's brother, James Richard Hart beginning his diary on January 17, 1920