The story

Before going further, let's study the background of this case. Carefully read the following to understand how the events of this evening unfolded.

Date: February 14 th, 1913 St Valentine's day

Place: London, an elegant restaurant "St. John", 26 St. John Street.

20:45 Lord Buckingham and Lady Buckingham are enjoying their romantic dinner.

20:47 Sir Everard Drigby, a journalist, is reading the article he has just published in the Daily Mirror. He is waiting for his fiancée. He is Lord Buckingham and Lady Buckingham's neighbour.

20:48 Lord Buckingham casts a glance at Sir Everard Drigby's newspaper. He fetches his glasses and can't believe his eyes: he discovers that Lady Buckingham's photo is on the front page of the Daily Mirror. In this photo taken in Downing Street, a policeman grasps Lady Buckingham by the arm. She is holding a banner "Votes for Women! Be a suffragist!" as he arrests her.

(source: The British Library * Emmeline Pankhurst)

20: 50: a violent clash begins between Lord Buckingham and Lady Buckingham in the restaurant. Lord Buckingham accuses his wife of keeping her activism secret for she knows that he is a firm believer in the anti-suffragette/suffragist cause.

The events following the clash are unclear.

A fight occurs between Lord Buckingham and Lady Buckingham. Witnesses in the restaurant present different versions.

20:57: the police arrive.

21:02 Lord Buckingham is brought to hospital because because his nose is bleeding heavily and is swollen. He accuses his wife of punching him in the nose and throwing different objects at his face such as a plate, place setting etc.

21:02 Lady Buckingham is brought to the Police Station in St. John Street and spends the night there. She is later released from custody. She is free until her appearance in Court.